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2014 Juno Nomination
February 9, 2014

Howie has been nominated for another Juno award in Canada! This time, for his mixing work with Hannah Georgas and Walk Off The Earth. Howie is currently busy producing and mixing albums in Studio H, Toronto.

New Press ~ Feb.-Mar. 09

Howie Beck: He can make it on his own

"How to Fall Down in Public, Beck's fourth solo record, may sound like Elvis Costello playing the Beach Boys, but that's because Beck insisted on moving the music from the darkness and into the light."

— Ben Kaplan, February 24, 2009
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Howie Beck is no longer hollow

"[How to Fall Down in Public] sounds as sumptuous and pillowy as the expensive '70's soft-rock records he venerates for their pristine melding of finicky technical prowess and easy, airtight songwriting.'"

— Ben Rayner, February 22, 2009
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How To Fall Down In Public Review

"This is expertly crafted pop music that easily captivates, which is becoming increasingly rare. Stand up and be proud."

— Chris Whibbs, March 2009
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